Disability Assistance

The American Community for the YourTexasBenefits.com, also identified as the Census, estimates that 3.4 million Texans, or 12.9% of the population, had an inability in the year 2014. These men, women, and children are allowed multiple benefits from state and federal services, including rehabilitation, medical devices, jobs, health care, and personal attendants. Texas Health and … Read more


The Your Texas Benefits Application is for individuals in Texas who have applied for or initiated SNAP dietary benefits and the Health benefits Medicaid and CHIP. TANF cash support is also a beneficiary of the YourTexasBenefits Login portal. Manage and view the cases immediately from the phone at any time; therefore, use the app to capture a … Read more


The Texas Health and Human Services Commission with YourTexasBenefits Login is modernizing the state’s eligibility rule to improve efficiency and the relevant services for those applying for and handling state benefits. As part of this effort, HHSC is operating with community organizations to assist people in discovering how to get the most out of HHSC’s … Read more


YourTexasBenefits Login, formerly My Texas Benefits, is an accessible way to seek government guidance through the official Texas Health and Human Services Commission. Current recipients can handle their Medicaid health assistance, Medicare, Texas, SNAP, and TANF supermarket stamps at the online portal YourTexasBenefits.com. If you want to apply for benefits, then after formulating an account … Read more